Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam (OOA)

OOA is joint graduate school of VUmc, the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Nederlands Kanker Instituut - NKI) and the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC). The OOA's graduate students are scientists-in-training who also receive theoretical and practical education on various subjects related to cancer research PhD candidates who work on  cancer-related research projects join OOA. About 500 PhD candidates are currently members of OOA. 

The Graduate School OOA offers an annual retreat, meet-the-expert sessions and courses that cover specific topics in the field of oncology. This programme is flexible and focuses on cutting edge scientific topics, ranging from functional genomics to animal models in cancer and from protein structure to invasion and metastasis. Students make a selection from these courses on the basis of their interests and research background.

Please see our OOA website for more information about the OOA.