CWO procedure for clinical research protocols

Protocols for which the VUmc is the central reviewing METc

  • The scientific review board (CWO) of CCA evaluates protocols with regard to the scientific content and feasibility within VUmc CCA.
  • The protocols require an approval of the CWO CCA before they can be submitted to the VUmc METc. This procedure applies for both single-site and multi-site studies.

Submission requirements:

  • The original protocol.
  • A submission letter with the original signature from the head of the department and the applicant.
  • Preferably the information for patients.

For clinical protocols it is advisable to use the template research protocol available on the website of the CCMO. For more information you can also visit the website of the Clinical Research Bureau

Protocols which has been previously approved by an external METc ('lokale goedkeuring')

As of September 1 2015, protocols which have already been approved by an external METc doesn't have to be approved by the CWO.