Bachelor's Programmes

At VU/VUmc you can study oncology- and immunology-related topics on the Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Health and Life Sciences Bachelor's Programmes. 

The Bachelor's programme in Medicine (VUmc) has a number of compulsory courses on the clinical aspects and basic principles of cancer and immunology research and care. As a Master's student in Medicine you will also get acquaintance with oncology and immunology research and care during the medical traineeships. You can find more information about our medical specialisations at the website of our 'Instituut voor Onderwijs en Opleiden'.

The Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (Faculteit der Aard- en Levenswetenschappen - FALW, VU) also offers courses on the basic principles of oncology and immunology, like development and therapy of cancer. A number of (optional) courses are available in the Bachelor's programmes 'Biomedische Wetenschappen''Gezondheid en Leven' and 'Gezondheidswetenschappen'.