CCA Foundation

The team of CCA offers its patients, in addition to the best possible treatment, a wide range of information, care and support during the battle that they must deliver. In addition, improvements in detection and diagnosis and developing new therapies are important parts of our mission.

Involved researchers, physicians and nursing staff play a significant role. We are happy with the committed support of our donors, network and foundation. CCA foundation generates funds to facilitate research, facilities and lifestyle care. This foundation was founded over 25 years ago to support Prof Bob Pinedo and his colleagues with their innovative cancer research. The foundation consists of dedicated boardmembers with an extensive network and knowledge; chaired by Mr Sander van der Laan, co-chairmen Mr John Brenninkmeijer and Mr Kees Storm.

Without contributions from donors, we are not able to continue our groundbreaking research, support the patient and to develop innovative treatment techniques. Donors are of vital importance.