Master’s Programme in Biomedical Sciences

The aim of this programme is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to operate as an independent professional within the disciplines covered by the Master's programme, and to be a suitable candidate for a subsequent career in biomedical research. 

Students graduating with a specialization in Immunology have a broad understanding of immunological processes, ranging from the molecular and cellular interactions between host and pathogen to an integrative knowledge of the role of the immune system in various pathologies, such as cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmunity.

Graduating with a specialization in Infectious diseases means that students have knowledge of the biology of pathogenic organisms and the interaction between pathogens and their hosts. The Master's graduate has the ability to conduct scientific research in the field of medical microbiology and to critically assess the results of microbial research. 

Please see the Master's progamme in Biomedical Sciences for more information.