As a clinical oncology research center, VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) has an unique position in the world because of the integration of research and care between laboratory and clinic. 

CCA integrates research and care

As clinical oncology research we are unique in the world. We not only perform research on the newest treatments and diagnostics, we also translate the new insights directly to the patient. In CCA the integration between research and care of different specialisms in the laboratory and the clinic is fully instituted.

CCA collaborates with international well known institutes

We collaborate with diffent international well known institutes (like Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University) in order to optimize the care for cancer patients, now and in the future.

CCA pushes boundaries in treatment of cancer

In CCA 26 departments cooperate to ensure that patients with (suspicion of) cancer get treated as fast and competent as possible. Thanks to our experience and expertise we, together with the patient, push the boundaries in treatment of cancer.

CCA offers a safe place for personalized cancer therapy or a second opinion

Patients can direct to us for the newest treatments. Our center offers a safe place for personalized cancer therapy or a second opinion. A place where a commited team of people makes every effort to give people the best treatment possible in order to recover. And if cure is no longer an option, to guarantee the best quality of life possible.