About the scientific research committee (CWO)

The CWO advises about the research policy and about the feasibility of new research projects upon request of the management board of CCA. The CWO advises the management board specifically about the quality and the feasibility of all research protocols that need permission of the ethical committee for patient related research (METc) before they can be started. Research protocols which must be approved by the METc of VUmc are judged by the CWO on scientific relevance and local feasibility. Research protocols that are already approved by a Dutch METc outside VUmc are judged only on local feasibility and if the research fits into the focus points of research. 
All research projects that apply for external funding must be judged by the CWO.For 'regular' KWF proposals there is a specific procedure (see procedure KWF proposals).

  • A.J.M. van den Eertwegh, MD PhD (chair)
  • J.E. Bakema, PhD
  • Prof. J. Dekker, PhD
  • N. van de Donk, MD PhD
  • J.M.M. den Haan
  • N. Haasbeek, MD PhD
  • Prof. N.H. Hendrikse, MD PhD
  • Prof. D. de Jong, MD PhD
  • Prof. M. Klein, PhD
  • G.K. Kuipers, PhD (secretary)
  • Prof. D.L. van der Peet, MD PhD
  • D.M. Pegtel, PhD
  • Q. Waisfisz, PhD