To maintain top-level research and health care, a major aim is to pass on knowledge to the next generation students, researchers, technicians as well as clinicians and care professionals. 

CCA organizes a lifelong learning programme specifically devoted to Oncology and Immunology. Within this programme, we organize a number of high-quality and well assessed educational activities. Our programme starts already by providing information to secondary schools, via participation in major (bio)medical bachelor curriculi, organization of a Research Master's programme in Oncology, a PhD Graduate School in Oncology. In addition, VUmc offers 26 medical specializations (4) -of which more than 20 have ground in common with Oncology and/or Immunology.

CCA also offers a career in sciences to high potential students and (young) investigators.

Please inform this training and education website, our research website and PR video for more information about (how to apply to) our cancer and immunology research, training and education programmes.