Imaging Center

We see a bright future

Welcome to the website of the VU University Medical Imaging Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  In these pages you can learn all about our plans to further develop our global center-of-excellence in the exciting field of biomedical imaging.  In 2016 the doors to a fully integrated and state-of-the-art imaging facility will open, allowing us to gain deeper insight into the complex structures and functions of the human body, and play a crucial role in the successful and efficient development of novel diagnostic and drug therapies. 

Medical imaging comprises a range of cutting edge technologies that, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, has "changed the face of clinical medicine".  However, in a world where only 25% of the prescribed anti-cancer drugs have therapeutic benefit, we at VU Medical Center and VU University believe that there is still much to be done. The fast pace of innovation in these technologies presents expert centers such as ours with a wonderful opportunity to further improve patient care. And these improvements will be profoundly felt by patients the world over, especially those at the mercy of such debilitating illnesses as cancer, Alzheimer's, and auto-immune diseases.

Opening new doors in biomedical imaging

Imaging is indispensable at all stages of the health care continuum, including early diagnosis, treatment selection and planning, real-time guidance of therapies and outcome monitoring. Furthermore, several imaging techniques show great potential to facilitate an essential shift towards individually tailored - personalised - medicine, and simultaneously help reduce the ever-increasing burden of the cost of health care, by helping identifying the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. 

Embracing a spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the era of multi-modality imaging and open innovation, we will create a knowledge intensive, imaging-related life-tech cluster in the Amsterdam metropolis region.  By leveraging our extensive international industrial networks and putting our expertise to work in the laboratory and the clinic, together we can realise a bright future.  We hope you will join us.