Excellence in collaboration

VUmc and VU have departments active in all major fields of imaging: radiological, nuclear and optical. These are embedded in an environment of top translational research and healthcare, with access to diverse patient groups and excellent clinical scientists.

Open Innovation – the future of healthcare

By encouraging closer cooperation between the many disciplines and institutes involved in healthcare provision and research, innovation can be spurred and accelerated, which will allow VU Medical Imaging Center to maintain its global position as a top institute for imaging.  In view of today’s complex challenges in healthcare, the demand for improved quality of care and rising healthcare costs, embracing both internal and external partnerships are the only way to address these issues. By working together with industry and healthcare providers, commercial applications and industrial innovation can be fostered.

Network of expertise

We work closely with manufacturers of imaging technologies such as Philips; our mathematicians and physicists are instrumental in this area. We assist in developing novel tracers and testing of new drug therapies for leading international biotech and 
pharmaceutical firms, with the support of our radiopharmaceutical partners such as BV Cyclotron and IBA Molecular. We conduct clinical studies in our phase I/II trial units with the logistical and analytical support of organizations such as the Center for Human Drug Research (CHDR), EORTC, and the Image Analysis Center. We are at the cutting edge of optical techniques with the support of the LaserLab and their European Research consortium, LASERLAB Europe, a 17-centre joint research initiative.