Expertise & infrastructure

Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise

VUmc/VU has a comprehensive infrastructure for facilitating optimal imaging-enabled translational research, among others including: 

  • Understanding of biological and pathological processes
  • Validation of biomarkers;
  • GMP-compliant tracer design, testing and production;
  • Pre-clinical and clinical multimodality imaging;
  • Design and testing of image-guided therapeutic interventions;
  • Technical development and calibration of imaging equipment,
  • Test result quantification and data processing, analysis and integration;
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluation.

Further to this, VUmc/VU provides access to extensive networks of industrial partners 
such as pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies and imaging equipment
manufacturers, as well as national and international academic and clinical consortia.

Access to top-quality research results and data

A repository of advanced knowledge and data such as that created in the  multidisciplinary environment of the Imaging Center represents an enormous opportunity for exploitation. The experts at the center will be available to provide support in protocols for quality assurance, quality control and calibration, data manipulation, as well as for access to data libraries for comparative and analytical studies.