Valorization in action

The Imaging Center initiative will lead to significant proliferation of applied knowledge and expertise in the medical imaging field. The generation of intellectual property, protected by patents, will provide the basis for innovation, and lead to social and economical stimulus for the region and beyond.

A motor for growth

Amsterdam and the surrounding region will become the center of a strategically significant high-tech industry. By stimulating development in biotech and life sciences, the Imaging Center will be a key motor for growth and innovation. The mechanism for growth is clear:

Provide facilities: VUmc/VU already has the complex range of skills and expertise necessary for further innovation and development, while the Imaging Center will house the state-of-the-art facilities necessary for cutting-edge research.

Bundle strengths: Coordinate goal-oriented, multi-disciplinary projects that facilitate the knowledge-sharing necessary to make technological breakthroughs. Involve industry, research and patient-care groups and allow them to work together. Amsterdam will further strengthen its distinguished position in life sciences, in particular in the field of oncology and neurology. For example, the Imaging Center will participate in the SPINOZA network, and the headquarters of the European EATRIS translational medicine infrastructure initiative are situated on campus.

Attract top talent: As a result of the cutting-edge research projects and the involvement of top quality institutions, highly qualified players from the research and industrial arenas will be attracted to become involved. The best people will go to the workplace with the best opportunities for ground-breaking work.

Generate economic activity: The combination of top talent and top research will lead to the generation of intellectual property. Exploiting this output through start-ups and licensing will stimulate commercial activity.

Witness the growth: Grouping of spin-outs around the Imaging Center creates an incubator environment that facilitates positive internalization of knowledge across firms, as well as access to a pool of highly qualified personnel. In turn, existing firms will be enticed to establish operations in the area to take advantage of this cluster effect.