Imaging in patient care

Naturally, the long term objectives of the imaging center revolve around improvements in patient care. However, there are also several areas in which innovation will bring about immediate benefits for the patient, all of which will be introduced or further refined in the new center.

Intelligent design towards a better patient experience

We have the opportunity to create patient-centric processes that maximize efficiency, minimize unnecessary waiting times, while simultaneously optimizing resource utilization. The cornerstone of this approach is the implementation of a centralized planning and appointment system, which supports our clinical pathways and which is 
designed with lean-principles. Such a system will automatically schedule procedures optimally, as well as centrally keep electronic records, not only for fast and accurate access by imagers and clinicians but also to make possible evidence-based decisions. Such decisions have the goal of consistently selecting the best diagnostic path for each individual case as part of the total clinical management process.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our imaging equipment strategy comprises the use of state-of-the-art technology, with the flexibility to upgrade as technology advances, and to build in capacity to handle demand growth for the coming years. A centralized housing concept means that the physical positioning of the equipment, apparatus and hardware can be optimized to workflow. The efficiency gains translate into reduced bottlenecks, distances, and process waits. In the era of hybrid apparatus, the physical integration of the processes is a must. By having selected equipment at the emergency ward a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week imaging service will be available to inpatients.

Best practice in reporting times the experts at our center have set uniform stretch goals of 90% same-day reporting, and 95% reporting in under 48 hours. It is expected that in less than 5% of the cases more time will be necessary, and where possible will be limited to the more complex revisions and second opinions.

Comfortable, patient-friendly, a healing environment

Besides the extended opening hours, the Imaging Center will be designed specifically with the patient experience in mind. Patient flow will be optimized, with fast and accurate service from the staff at the welcome desks and information desks. Waiting areas will be comfortable and pleasant for children and adults alike.