Imaging innovation

Fed by patient care requirements, research institutes and fundamental science, our aim is progress in imaging techniques. In collaboration with external groups, the outcome will be top quality translational research from molecular design to clinical validation and implementation. Generation of validated end-products is a priority in this function, and requires not only biological, chemical and physical expertise, but also mathematical (kinetic) modelling is essential. 

Key areas open to innovation are in multi-modality imaging techniques, tracer chemistry, kinetic modelling and quantification methods, molecular imaging, preclinical and clinical validation, image-guided interventions, data processing and integration, and medical technology assessment. 

“With our disease specific tracers we will enable faster drug development and earlier, more accurate diagnosis.”

World-class research

In the areas of molecular imaging, oncology and immunology, as well as neurology, VUmc enjoys a position among the world’s top institutions. Oncology and immunology rank first in the Netherlands and 7th in Europe in the standardized citation index (Eur.J.Cancer, 2008). In addition we claim a national number one position in the neurology fields of Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.