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OncoProteomics for biomarker discovery and validation at the OncoProteomics Laboratory

Translational research: mission of the OPL

The mission of the OPL is to develop and implement innovative proteomics technologies and data analysis methods to improve diagnostics and treatment of cancer.

Introduction to the research 

The OncoProteomics Laboratory (OPL) has been founded in April 2006 together with the establishment of the cancer research building of the VUmc-Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) and is housed at the department of Medical Oncology. The OPL was created to provide a state-of-the-art proteomics infrastructure and knowledge center for CCA/V-ICI researchers. 
Proteomics creates a link between genomic information and biological function through large-scale analysis of protein expression, protein modification and protein-protein interactions. Recent advances in key proteomics tools such as mass spectrometry (MS) and (bio)informatics provide tremendous opportunities for biomarker-related clinical applications. Current MS platforms allow for the detection, quantitation and identification of hundreds to thousands of peptides and proteins in complex biological and clinical samples.

Proteomics applications in cancer include:

  • Discovery of novel cancer (subtype) and treatment (outcome)-related signatures and candidate protein biomarkers
  • Insight into oncogenesis mechanisms
  • Discovery of novel protein targets for therapeutic intervention.

Group photo OncoProteomics Laboratory, sept. 2009. From left to right, top: Jaco C. Knol, Inge de Reus, Connie R. Jiménez, Tieneke Schaaii-Visser, Silvina Fratantoni, Huub Kant. Bottom: Sander Piersma, Marc Warmoes, Mehrdad Lavaei, Thang V. Pham

Some recent research highlights and strategies

Robust mass spectrometry-based strategies for biomarker discovery in tumor tissue and biofluids (serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine) have been set up and validated. In addition, cancer cell conditioned media and tumor secretomes hold great promise for discovery of candidate serum biomarkers and are a spear-point of our biomarker research. The samples are profiled using two complementary platforms (see figure) for the discovery of diagnostic, predictive and drug response peptide patterns and biomarkers:

  1. An automated magnetic bead-based biofluid peptide capture method coupled to high-throughput MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry and
  2. Nano-liquid chromatography on-line coupled to LTQ-FT mass spectrometry for in-depth profiling of sub-fractionated samples.

In the three years since the foundation of the OncoProteomics Laboratory, we have moved from initial studies for proteomics method exploration and validation to some successful cancer applications, both in model systems and human material. For example, high-throughput (HTP) body fluid peptide mass profiling in conjunction for pattern diagnostics, applied to non-small cell lung cancer sera of a phase I study was able to predict tumor response and progression-free survival with high accuracy and sensitivity. Moreover, in-depth proteomics of sub-nuclear and secreted fractions of colorectal cancer tissues have yielded promising candidate biomarkers with potential for early detection and treatment response stratification, for which a patent was filed.

Recent publications 


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