Phase I/II research team

In 2003 a phase I/II trial was opened. Here a patient room with 3 beds is located -in the new tower- with a specially equipped laboratory room close to it. Patients who participate in a study are often hospitalised her for several days or for a day treatment. During these admissions, first the examinations preceding the study take place, as well as the administration of the medication and the drawing of blood for pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamic investigations.

The research team consists of research nurses, data managers, the secretarial workers and a financial administrator. Together they carry out the studies in which new cancer medication is tested in a safe way and according to the law and protocols. The research nurses assess the protocols on practical feasibility as well as on the burden imposed on the patients. They play a role in the preparation of the studies with regard to the fine-tuning of different departments, contacts with pharmaceutical companies and consultations with the data managers who have to process all study data. The research nurses also inform the patient about all relevant aspects of the study, answers questions and they are direct available to for any question or concern the patient might have during the treatment. They observe the patient during the administration of the study medication, register any adverse effect, take blood and process or store blood or urine according to the protocol. Together with the other team members they administrate carefully all data, so that the results of the study are based on reliable data.