Immunotherapy Laboratory


Introduction to the research

The Immunotherapy laboratory of the Department of Medical Oncology of the VU University Medical Center studies the possibility to exploit the immune system to specifically recognize, attack and eradicate tumor cells. Key components in a successful immune reaction are two types of immune effector cells: the Dendritic Cells (DCs) and the T cells. DCs are the sentinels of our immune system which, in case of danger (e.g. viral or bacterial infections, inflammation or tumor growth), become activated and release factors that recruit other immune cells to contribute to an effective anti-tumor immune response. A central role in the immune-mediated elimination of tumors is played by Cytotoxic (or ?killer?) T Lymphocytes (CTLs). In lymph nodes that drain tumor sites these CTLs are instructed by DCs (migrated from the tumor) to recognize and kill tumor cells. A major obstacle in this process is caused by immune suppressive factors produced by the tumor that hamper the development and proper activation of both DCs and CTLs. As a result, patients are more susceptible to microbial infections and unable to mount an effective immune response to their tumor. Much of our research is aimed at overcoming this immune suppression.

Composition of the group and collaborations

Over the past decade the Immunotherapy laboratory has proven a fruitful and close collaborative effort between the departments of Medical Oncology and Pathology, supervised by Dr. Fons van den Eertwegh (clinic) and Dr. Tanja de Gruijl (lab) from the Medical Oncology and Prof. Rik Scheper from the Pathology department. The group maintains close collaborative ties with the departments of Hematology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Surgical Oncology and Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology: all concerning the function of DCs and T cells in the anti-tumor immune response.

Translational research

By performing both pre-clinical and clinical research, we aim to rapidly translate findings in the lab to novel or improved clinically applicable therapies, but also to further submit clinical findings to experimental testing in the lab. Close contact between the medical doctors in the clinic and scientists in the lab facilitates this ?bench-to-bedside? and ?bedside-to-bench? approach. A  recent example is a clinical trial in which prostate cancer patients were vaccinated with a DC-stimulating tumor vaccin in combination with a CTL-activating antibody. In this trial several promising clinical responses were found. By studying the immune responses in these patients we hope to find the underlying cellular mechanisms in order to be able to design still better vaccins.          

Some recent research highlights

Saskia Santegoets received a Clinical Young Investigator Award from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) for her research on DC and T cell functions in men with prostate cancer, who received the Prostate GVAX vaccine combined with the anti-CTLA4 antibody ipilimumab. This prize was presented to her by Dr Howard Soule, the Executive Vice-President and Scientific Officer of the PCF, during the Annual Conference of the American Association of Cancer Research, held in San Diego in April 2008.

The identification of molecular processes that underlie hampered DC development and activation among others in brain tumors enables the modulation of these processes by small-molecule inhibitors that are applied in the clinic. With this knowledge viral vectors are also designed that can be utilized as DC-targeted cancer vaccine vehicles. This research line, financed by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), is carried out by Dinja Oosterhoff, Jelle Lindenberg, Hester van Cruijsen and Sinéad Lougheed.

Rieneke van de Ven made the important observation that a molecular pump on the surface of skin DCs (i.e. MRP4) is crucial for the migration of these DCs from the skin to draining lymph nodes: a bottleneck in the efficacy of DC-based cancer vaccines (financed by the Dutch Cancer Society, KWF).

Clinical studies on the immunopotentiation of melanoma Sentinel Lymph Nodes were continued by Berbel Sluijter and Mari van den Hout, while a new project was started by Basav Hangalapura to develop novel DC-targeted vaccines for the therapy of prostate cancer. This project is carried out in close collaboration with the group of Prof Yvette van Kooyk and is financed by a grant from CCA/V-ICI/Stichting Avanti-STR. In a novel research line initiated by Hans van der Vliet, Famke Schneiders started on her graduate research concerning the potential use of NKT and V.d T cells for cancer immunotherapy.

publications list: 

Tanja de Gruijl
Fons van den Eertwegh

Hans van der Vliet

Recent publications 


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PhD theses

11 January 2008, Barbara Molenkamp: Diagnosing Melanoma and Immunomodulation of the Melanoma Sentinel Lymph Node. 
12 March 2008, Saskia Santegoets: Characterization of a human dendritic cell line; a prelude to allogeneic dendritic cell-based tumor vaccination.
23 May 2008, Johan Molling: Invariant natural killer T cells and immunotherapy of cancer.
26 September 2008, María Moreno Jauge: Innate and adaptive tumour immunity: role of invariant natural killer T cells.
26 March 2009, Hester van Cruijsen: Preclinical and clinical studies on the co-regulation of tumor-induced angiogenesis and dendritic cel suppression.
7 April 2009, Rieneke van de Ven: The contribution of ABC transporters to dendritic cell development and function.