Quality, risks and safety in health care

Prof. M.C. de Bruijne, chair
For good quality of care, it is important that care is delivered in a patient-centered and safe way within the legal framework. Key themes are:

1.       Patient choice: communication of information about health risks and health care to optimize decision making (principle investigator prof. dr. D.R.M. Timmermans)

2.       Quality of care in teams and networks: research on collaboration in professional teams partnering with the patient and the role of the nurse to promote patient participation.  The Living Lab Teamwork Design is directed at user-centered design of tools for collaboration along the patient journey. (principal researcher Prof. Dr. M.C. de Bruijne)

3.       Patient safety: prevention of health care related patient harm with a focus on hospitals and professionals (principle investigator prof. dr. C. Wagner)

4.       Patient rights: relation of care to regulations and laws that ensure the quality and safety of care with a focus on elderly and disabled people (principle investigator dr. B. Frederiks).

The section collaborates with RIVM in research on risk communication, NIVEL in the collaborative Safet4Patients and with IQ Healthcare, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, NIVEL and the Dutch healthcare inspectorate in the national Academic Collaborative Center Surveillance.

Senior researchers and postdocs:

Prof. M.C. de Bruijne

Dr E.A.M. Claassen

Dr O.C. Damman

Dr V.E.T. Dörenberg

Dr B.J.M. Frederiks

Dr P. Jellema

Dr I.P. Jongerden

Dr M. Melles

Dr H. Merten

Prof. D.R.M. Timmermans

Prof. C. Wagner