The department’s scientific scope within public and occupational health is much broader than that of its professional practice of social medicine. The setting in which this research takes place is diverse, ranging from, for example, local schools or neighborhoods, municipal health services, sports clubs, companies, occupational health services, the Institute for Employee Benefits Schemes (UWV), general practices, nursing homes up to and including the hospital. The research is mainly based on epidemiology and social sciences and usually involves multidisciplinary teamwork. Medical doctors perform research together with, among others, health scientists, psychologists, human movement scientists, sociologists, and health lawyers. This variation and multidisciplinary collaboration is reflected in the composition of the department's staff.

Further information can be found in the description of the research lines:

1. Quality, risks and safety in health care 
2. Public health at the End of life
3. Work and Health
4. Sport, Lifestyle and Health
5. Child Health & Care Research