Public health at the end of life

Prof. B.D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen   

When death is not unexpected, care and treatment wishes for the last phase of life can be discussed and taken into account. Key themes in research are:

1.Palliative care

2.Advance care planning

3. End-of-life decision-making

The research is embedded in the Expertise Center for Palliative Care of the VUmc. This Expertise Center, together with the Expertise Center for Palliative Care of the AMC, the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation IKNL and 10 regional networks palliative care, is part of the Palliative Care Consortium Noord-Holland and Flevoland. Research, education and healthcare come together here. This consortium wants to enable the highest possible quality of life in the final stage of life for everyone within the region.

Senior researchers and postdocs:

Prof. B.D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen
Dr C. Bagchus 

Prof. A.L. Francke

Dr H.R.W. Pasman 
Dr A.G.M. van der Plas

Dr H.J.A. Smaling