Dr. M.B.M. Soethout, chair  

Undergraduate medical education

In the undergraduate medical education program, our department contributes to realizing the general objectives of a medical doctor: 'Knowledge, skills and attitude that are necessary for a doctor in daily practice: “Aspects that have to do with society, health care systems and prevention“ (Blueprint  2009). We take as our starting-point the fact that every future doctor has knowledge of public and occupational health. The department provides education in the Bachelor program on healthcare and healthcare systems, prevention and public health. We also provide education on labor and health, sports and health, health law, patient safety and youth health care. In the Master program internships are organized in the field of public and occupational health and medical students are assisted who participate in the research of our department.

Health Sciences

The Faculty of Science of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam organizes the Bachelor and Master program Health Sciences. Our department provides courses of Regulation and organization of health care, Prevention, Health law, Labor and health and Scientific research.

Human Movement Sciences

In the Bachelor and Master program of Human Movement Sciences two courses are offered by our department: Exercise and Health (Bachelor) and Exercise & Health (Master).

Amsterdam University College

Together with the department of Social Medicine AMC, a course Introduction to Public Health is provided at the Amsterdam University College.

Postgraduate medical education

The Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health (NSPOH) provides the postgraduate medical training of public and occupational health. A training to become a youth health physician is provided by TNO Leiden. The department is involved in the implementation of both programs. Our department provides also postgraduate education for clinical doctors with courses in patient safety and health law. The department also provides education in health law in postgraduate courses for general practice and geriatric medicine.

Postgraduate education Epidemiology

The department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics organizes different training courses in epidemiological and advanced statistical methods and a Master’s program in epidemiology. Our department is involved in different courses and the master’s program epidemiology.