Child Health & Care Research

Prof. J.M.M. Chin A Paw, chair  

Investing in children is investing in the future. The section Child Health & Care Research focuses on scientific research that contributes to creating optimal opportunities for children and young people to grow up healthily and happily; from -9 months up to the age of 19.

Child Health & Care Research is characterized by excellent, multidisciplinary and socially relevant research aimed at epidemiology, development and evaluation of interventions, and implementations of innovations.

Focal points: 
- Stimulating a healthy lifestyle and development  
- Prevention of metabolic dysfunction and diabetes 
- Psychosocial health and cognition

The research line also participates in the

Academic Collaborative Center Child Public Health

, a fruitful collaboration between VU University Medical Center and five Municipal Health Services in North-Holland aiming to improve evidence-based Child Public Health.

More information about the researchers, projects and publications of the Child Health & Care Research team can be found on our website:

Senior researchers

Prof. J.M.M. Chin A Paw
Dr T.M. Altenburg

Dr S.C.C.M. van den Heijkant

Dr M.H.H. Hoogsteder

Dr A.S. Singh

Dr S.L.C. Veldman