With our research we aim to close the gap between gene discovery and population health benefit, aiming at policy recommendations for responsible implementation of genetic applications, whilst focusing on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI).

A brief summary of research topics in which we are involved: 

Care research
- implementation of best practice guidelines for clinical care
-implementation of genetic screening: neonatal screening, prenatal screening and (expanded) carrier screening 

Policy, ethical, legal and social implications
- ethical guaranteeing of individual autonomy and informed decision making
- legal questions related to equal access and solidarity
- governance in biobanking

Risk perception and decision making
- psychological impact of genetic risk information
- genetic risk and informed (reproductive) decision making 

Genetic education
- improving professional genetic knowledge/skills 
- genetic knowledge and attitudes of the public 

Epidemiological studies
- genetic risk prediction
- frequency of genetic diseases, assessment and frequency of risk factors, esp. in relation to possibilities for prevention