Genetically isolated populations: implications for genetic care
Investigator: Mathijssen I.B. Promotor: prof. H. Meijers-Heijboer; co-promotores: dr. L. Henneman, dr. M.C. van Maarle (dissertation 4 April 2018, University of Amsterdam

Implementing carrier screening in a changing landscape - Perspectives of public and professional stakeholder
Investigator:  K.C.A. Holtkamp. Promotor: prof. M.C. Cornel, copromotores: dr. L .Henneman, P. Lakeman (dissertation October 19, 2017).

Implementing Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): Perspectives of patients and professionals
Investigator: R.V. van Schendel. Promotor: prof. M.C. Cornel; copromotores: dr. L. Henneman, prof. E. Pajkrt (dissertation December 7, 2016).

Implementing genetic tests. Infertility and newborn bloodspot screening
Investigator: Marleen Jansen. Promotoren: S.A. MorrĂ© en M.C. Cornel. Copromotoren: S. Ouburg, HJ van Kranen. (CAT D) (dissertation January 27, 2016, Maastricht).

Studying the effects of periconceptional folic acid supplementation. Travel the world and the seven seas
Investigator: F. Blom. Promotores: prof. M.C. Cornel; copromotores; dr. M.N.M. van Poppel (dissertation May 1, 2015)

Addressing reproductive risk in consanguineous couples
Investigator: M.E. Teeuw. Promotores: prof. M.C. Cornel; prof. P. Heutink;copromotores; dr. L .Henneman, prof L.P. ten Kate (dissertation April 28, 2015) 

Retinoblastoma: molecular genetics and clinical consequences
Investigator: C.J. Dommering: Promotoren: H. Meijers-Heijboer, A.C. Moll; Co-promotor: L. Henneman (dissertation February 11, 2015).

Translating the dynamics of genetics into health care practice

(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator: T. Rigter. Promotores: prof M.C. Cornel; copromotores: dr. L. Henneman & S.S. Weinreich (dissertation October 24, 2014) 

Training in genetics and genomics for primary health care 
(full-text of dissertation)
Investigator: E.J.F. Houwink; Promotores: M.C. Cornel, G.J. Dinant; copromotores: C.P.M. van der Vleuten, L. Henneman (dissertation December 20, 2013)

Susceptibility to type 2 diabetes: perceptions and family communication regarding inheritance and primary prevention
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator: S.C.M. van Esch; Project leaders: M.C. Cornel & F. Snoek
2004-2012 (dissertation February 1, 2013)

Screening for Anaemia and Haemoglobinopathy Before and During Pregnancy: A question of ethnicity? 
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator:  S.M.J.P. Jans; Promotores M.C. Cornel & A.L.M. Lagro-Janssen: copromotores A. de Jonge, L. Henneman. 
CSG 2008-2012 (dissertation November 14, 2012)

Family history information and common chronic disease prevention: Type 2 diabetes as an example
(full-text of dissertation)
Investigator: M. Wijdenens; Project leaders: L. Henneman & D.R.M. Timmermans
CSG (dissertation April 27, 2012)

Moral dilemmas of pregnant women who are offered prenatal screening for congenital defects
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator:  E. Garcia; Project leader:  D.R.M. Timmermans & E. van Leeuwen
(dissertation February 23, 2012)

The Risky Self: how genetic risk information affects self-image and health behavior
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator: L. Claassen; Project leaders:  D.R.M. Timmermans &  L. Henneman & T.M. Marteau
NWO MCG, 2004-2008 (dissertation June 1, 2011)

Fetal mRNA in maternal plasma. Development of a non-invasive prenatal test for trisomy 21. A quest of a holy grail
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator:  A.T.J.I. Go; Project leaders:  J.M.G. van Vugt & C.B. Oudejans
2003-2009 (dissertation December 16, 2009)

The new genomics: challenges for ethics
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator: J.E. Lunshof ; Project leaders: M.C. Cornel & R. Chatwick, T. Pieters
2004-2008. (dissertation December 1, 2008).

Risk perception and psychological well-being of pregnant women who are offered prenatal screening for congenital defects
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator:  J.H. Kleinveld; Project leader: D.R.M. Timmermans
ZONMW 1998-2008 (dissertation December 2, 2008)

Preconceptional screening for carriers of haemoglobinopathies and/or cystic fibrosis, dependent on ethnic background. Feasibility of a combined offer in the Dutch Society
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator:  P. Lakeman; Project leader: L.P. ten Kate & M.C. Cornel & L. Henneman
ZonMw 2002-2007  (dissertation October 2, 2008)

Knowledge of genetics relevant for medical practice among general practitioners and medical specialists
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator:  M.J.H. Baars; Project leaders: L.P. ten Kate, A. Scherpbier (Maastricht), L. Henneman
Stichting Klinische Genetica Amsterdam, ZonMw 1999-2006 (dissertation May 25, 2007)

Risk perception and decision-making among pregnant women who are offered prenatal screening for congenital defects
(full-text of dissertation )
Investigator: M. van den Berg; Project leader:  D.R.M. Timmermans
ZONMW 1998-2006 (dissertation December 20, 2006)

Risk perception and decision-making of women with increased risk for hereditary breast cancer
Investigator:  S. van Dijk; Project leaders:  D.R.M. Timmermans & prof J. Kievit (LUMC) &  W. Otten (LUMC).
KWF 1998-2006 (dissertation November 15, 2006)

Preconceptional cystic fibrosis carrier screening - opportunities for implementation
Investigator:  F.A.M. Weijers-Poppelaars
Promotors: L.P. ten Kate, G. van der Wal; Co-promotor: L. Henneman
ZonMw, (dissertation January 14, 2004)

Preconceptional cystic fibrosis carrier screening - desirability and feasibility in the Netherlands
Investigator:  L. Henneman
Promotors: L.P. ten Kate, H.M. van der Ploeg
ZonMw (dissertation June 19, 2002)