PCS: Preconception carrier screening in the Netherlands: advantages and consequences, societal support and ethical framework
Project leader: L. Henneman
Investigator: A. Woudstra, L. van den Heuvel, D. Klein
ZonMw 2020-2021

PANDA study: Psychosocial aspects of newborn bloodspot screening
Project leader: L. Henneman
Investigators: T. van Dijk, A. Kater, L. van den Heuvel
ZonMw 2019-2022

Dynamics of Reproductive technologies
Project leader: L. Henneman, P. Lakeman, M.C. Cornel, S. Repping
Investigator: I. van Dijke
Amsterdam Reproduction & Development 2017-2021

TRIDENT study: Trial by Dutch laboratories for Evaluation of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
NIPT Consortium
Investigators Community Genetics: L. Henneman & K. van der Meij
ZonMw 2014-2021 

EXACT: European network staff Exchange for integrAting precision health in the health Care sysTems
Projectmember: C.G. van El
European Commission Grant 2019-2023

Previous projects

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Ethical and legal issues of Personalised Medicine (ELSI-PM)
Project leader: M.C. Cornel
Investigators: T. Rigter
ZonMw 2018-2020

Pharmacogenetics DPD pilot
Project leader: M.C. Cornel
Investigators: F.Martens, T. Rigter
Amsterdam Public Health, Personalised Medicine Grant 2019

VIMP Preconceptie dragerschaponderzoek Op Maat (POM)
Project leader: L. Henneman
Investigators: M. Jansen
ZonMW 2018-2019

Personalised Medicine: eligible or not?
Project leader: M.C. Cornel, W. Rodenburg
Investigator: M. Jansen, T. Rigter
RIVM/ZonMw 2014-2017

PREvention of Chronic DIseases: PRECeDI
Project leader: M.C. Cornel
Investigator: C.G. van El
European Commission Grant 2015-2016

Equipping European Primary Care Health Professionals to Deal with Genetics: Gen.Equip
Project leader: M.C. Cornel, H. Skirton
Investigator: I. Houwink
European commission Grant 2014-2017

Implementation of n=1 trial methodology in the assessment of health care reimbursement
Project leaders: S.S. Weinreich, Jan Verschuuren
ZonMw 2014

Genomic Medicine
Project leader: A.C.J.W. Janssens
Investigators: J.G. Kers, F.K. Martens, E.C.M. Tonk;
ERC starting grant 2014-2016

The effects of periconceptional and prenatal folic acid supplementation on congenital anomalies and preterm birth
Project leader: M.C. Cornel  Investigator: F. Blom; Project leaders: M. van Poppel, D. de Smit, ZonMw 2011-2013

Preconceptioneel dragerschaponderzoek Op Maat (POM): Verdere ontwikkeling en evaluatie van genetisch dragerschaponderzoek in specifieke risicogroepen
Investigator: K. Holtkamp, Project leader: L. Henneman, P. Lakeman, M.C. van Maarle
ZonMw 2013-2016

Widening scope of prenatal screening by non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Consequences for counseling, informed decision making and screening policy   
Investigator: R. van Schendel, Project leaders: A.M.A. Lachmeijer, E. Pajkrt,  L. Henneman 
ZonMw/ CSG 2013-2015 

From rationing to rationality: an n-of-1 trial service for off-label medicines for rare (neuromuscular) diseases
Investigator: C. Vrinten; Project leader S.S. Weinreich. Project advisor: M.C. Cornel 

Genes, brains and criminality in context: Assessment of knowledge development in genomics and neurobiology and the transfer thereof into psychiatric forensic practice 
Investigator: C.G. van El, Project leader: T. Pieters 
CSG 2012-2013

Teaching ourselves how to assess personalized health technologies
Project leader: S.S. Weinreich, Project advisors: M.C. Cornel, A. Pieters, J.W. Twisk

Towards Best Practice Guidelines for Genetic Testing of Monogenetic Subtypes of Diabetes Mellitus
Investigators: T. Rigter, S. Weinreich; Project leaders: L .Henneman, M.C. Cornel
CSG 2011-2013

Best Practice Guidelines for Clinical Genetic Services
Investigators: T. Rigter, L. Henneman; Project leader M.C. Cornel
EuroGentest EU FP7, 2011-2013

A wealth of Data? Blurring boundaries and user-roles at the interface of genetic, medical and personal information
Investigators: S.R. van Teeffelen, C. Douglas; Project leader C.G. van El, M.C. Cornel
CSG 2010-2013

Evaluation of population newborn screening practices for rare disorders in Member States of the European Union (WC2009-096)
Investigators: T. Rigter, S.S. Weinreich; Project leader M.C. Cornel

Communicating breast cancer risks: a genetic counsellor's role in improving patient understanding to increase informed decision-making
Project leaders:  D.R.M. Timmermans, L. Henneman, F.H. Menko
KWF, 2004-2012

Newborn bloodspot screening for Pompe disease
Investigators: S.S. Weinreich, T. Rigter, C.G. van El; Project leader: A.J.  Reuser (ErasmusMC); Project advisor: M.C. Cornel

The governance of preventive genomics
Investigator: E. Vermeulen; Project leaders: M.C. Cornel; Project advisors: C.G van El, L. Henneman
CSG 2009-2011

Reshaping criteria for screening in the age of genomics - contemporary history and users perspective
Investigator: C.G. van El, L. Krijgsman; Project leaders:  M.C. Cornel, T. Pieters
MAG-CMSB, CSG, 2004-2008