The research group hosts a range of disciplines such as epidemiology, ethics, sociology, psychology, health sciences and medicine.

Members of the research group Community Genetics are:

Prof. Martina. Cornel, MD, PhD, epidemiologist, professor of community genetics and public health genomics
Prof. Lidewij Henneman, PhD, professor of patient perspectives on genetic testing 
Carla van El, PhD, researcher, sociologist
Anke Kleinveld, PhD, psychologist, education
Denhard de Smit, PhD, researcher 
Tessel Rigter, PhD, implementation researcher, education
Marleen Jansen, PhD, implementation researcher
Anke Woudstra, PhD, researcher, anthropology and sociology
Lieke van den Heuvel, Msc, PhD student, psychology
Karuna van der Meij, Msc, PhD student, health scientist
Ivy van Dijke, Msc, PhD student, health scientist 
Forike Martens, MSc, PhD student, health scientist
David Klein, MSc, researcher, health scientist