Student Motivation & Success Study

Since the academic year 2015-2016,  we invite all medical students of Medical School VU Amsterdam to complete the Student Motivation & Success Study every academic year. This longitudinal study looks at how medical students experience the medical program. It is especially valuable if this can be mapped out over several years. Researchers from the department of Research in Education gather these data for scientific publications on various aspects within medical education. Based on the findings we are able to inform and advise the directorate about the students’ experiences in the medical program and which aspects require attention.

Published papers

Isik, U., Wilschut, J., Croiset, G., & Kusurkar, R. A. (2018). The role of study strategy in motivation and academic performance or ethnic minority and majority students: a structural equation model. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 23 (5), 921-935.

Visser, C.L., Wilschut, J.A., Isik, U., van der Burgt, S.M., Croiset, G., & Kusurkar, R.A. (2018). The Association of Readiness for Interprofessional Learning with empathy, motivation and professional identity development in medical students. BMC medical education, 18 (1), 125.


Q: How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

A: Approximately between 15 and 20 minutes. You can also divide it over several sessions, so you don't have to answer the questions all at once. You have until [research end date] to complete the questionnaire.

Q: What does this research yield?

A: We want to gain a better insight into the experiences of medical students through this research. By looking at motivation and burn-out, among other things, we hope to be able to advise the directorate in order to better tailor the study to the needs of the students.

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: As a thank you for participating, you can collect a cup of coffee or tea from the coffee corner in the MF upon showing your student card.

Q: What happens with my data?

A: Your data is not stored anonymously, but encrypted. The answers you provide are coded, which means that they are not directly, but only indirectly, linked to your student number, so we can link your study results to the questionnaire. This also enables us to connect your questionnaires from different years to each other. Only the principal investigator Dr. Kusurkar and the data manager B. van Elswijk have access to the full data. The other researchers only have access to the coded data and will therefore not be able to trace the data back to you.

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