International activities

Internships abroad

VUmc participates in several international exchange programs, such as SOCRATES/ERASMUS, and in various bilateral cooperation programs. 50% of our Master's students and 30% of our Bachelor's students do internships abroad. In addition, VUmc welcomes students from all over the world who wish to complete a program here.

Additional and refresher training outside the Netherlands

VUmc contributes to the improvement of healthcare on Bonaire and Aruba. Staff from VUmc go to the islands on secondment and care professionals who work in the Caribbean Netherlands (BES Islands) attend tailored training courses. VUmc Academy designs and organizes these courses, which are entirely geared towards the professional context on Bonaire and Aruba. 

Virtual learning environment

Knowledge transfer is no longer restricted to the classroom; it can take place perfectly well online. VUmc leads the field in online learning. It has proved to be an efficient and sustainable teaching method, which is not restricted by time or place. Students can view a webinar on their mobile phone, tablet or PC whenever it suits them. They can communicate directly with lecturers over the internet and receive an immediate response via a poll or chatpod. 

The possibilities are endless and the resources are ideal for distance learning. VUmc uses this method for students who live in other parts of the Netherlands and to train staff at hospitals on Aruba and Bonaire. 


E-learning modules enable students to look at lecture material in advance. This means that lectures no longer need to be limited to the basic material; there is more time for patient demonstrations and integrating knowledge. Existing lectures need to be more interactive; they should take the format of seminars that motivate students and prompt them to gather knowledge actively themselves. The modules consist of basic subject matter, external links and videos of operations. This approach is more in tune with the way in which students experience the world. 

Jochen Bretschneider, ENT physician and lecturer
"VUmc is working towards providing 100% of its teaching in digital form.  All teaching material has been converted to iBooks and is available free of charge via iTunesU. This has put us at the top of the hit lists, alongside the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This advance offers global opportunities for digital, interactive teaching."