One center

Our multidisciplinary MS Center Amsterdam is a reliable source of scientific research into all aspects of MS by a team of experts ranging from basic researchers to radiologists and neurologists. Our key theme, 'Facing MS progression' aims to generate knowledge on the underlying mechanisms of progression of MS and to identify and validate of clinical, radiological and biomarker predictors of MS disease progression. The center has an excellent international reputation and is one of the top five MS research centers in the world.

Multidisciplinary center

The center's unique combination of fundamental and clinical research allows us quickly to translate findings in a clinical setting. There is in-depth scientific and disease related knowledge on MS. The departments involved in MS research are:
- Neurology Department 
- Radiology Department 
- Pathology Department 
- Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology 
- Anatomy and Neuroscience 
- Rehabilitation Medicine
- Clinical Chemistry
Furthermore, we established the Neurounit for Biomarkers in Neuro-Inflammation (NUBIN) at the VU University medical center, with the main goal to establish a biobank of body fluids of well-documented patients with CNS diseases. Also, a normal ageing collection of brain tissue was founded in the Dept. of Anatomy & Neurosciences, which ideally complements our strong and longstanding collaboration with the Dutch Brain Bank.


VUmc MS Center Amsterdam is involved in, or has co-founded, several collaborative networks (like ECTRIMS and MAGNIMS, BioMS-eu, IMSCOGS, SUMMIT).We have a broad academic and clinical network with MS centers in London, Milan, Düsseldorf and Basel. 
We have experience in cooperating with industrial partners.