Materials available

We have a unique collection of post-mortem MS nervous system tissue specimen. The tissue is MRI-imaged to enhance the yield of lesions and obtain radiological correlations and characterize lesion stages. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is taken from the same patients to facilitate the comparison of CSF findings with neuropathology.
Because of history in performing clinical trials we have good validated material of several cohorts.


We have extensive experience in validating therapeutic compounds in clinical trials. For this purpose we can evaluate clinical parameters via clinical scales, look at epidemiological parameters, perform MRI-scans, look at genetics and test for biochemical markers. In our professionals trial unit two research nurses work together with neurologists to ensure reliable registration of trial data.

Disease models

In our center research is performed from bench to bedside. All known pathological events occurring in MS lesion formation and persistence, such as immune cell migration, demyelination, activated glia and neurodegeneration, and axonal damage, are being addressed in well-validated in vitro and in vivo models using state-of-the-art imaging tools (rodent and human).