Epidemiology and Data Science (EDS)

People who are well-versed in Methodology are able to gauge the value of research

VUmc has distinctive scientific ambitions. An important goal is to do excellent scientific research to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. Proper measurement and analysis of patient data is crucial. The Department of Epidemiology and Data Science has the epidemiological, health and biostatistic expertise to train (future) physicians and researchers within the VUmc and help them solve methodological problems.

Employees of the Epidemiology and Data Science department cooperate with researchers from all VUmc research institutes. The interaction is emphatically sought to lift the VUmc's research to a higher level.

The department is also very active in education. The department coordinates a number of courses in the bachelor program of Medicine, including the courses MWO 1 and MWO 2), participates in a number of master's programs, and organizes a one-year epidemiology master's program (EpidM).

Prof. dr. J. Berkhof,head of department