Coordinator: Prof. J. Twisk

During their medical training, it is vital that students get a good grounding in science, and that they learn to think scientifically. A physician who has mastered methodology is capable of assessing the true value of a study. Was it well designed and executed? Was the study relevant, is the evidence solidly-based? How can we apply the study within our own practice?

A broad-based education

We have a great deal of expertise at our disposal, and we are keen to share this with students and scholars both inside and outside VUmc. The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics plays an important part in the educational process. That works both ways. We teach people how to conduct top-quality research, and the interaction with students keeps us sharp.

Bachelor's, Master's, and advanced postgraduate degree programmes

We organize a large part of the research training within the 'Academic Develoment' of the medical curriculum, which introduces students to the principles of scientific research. In addition, we participate in a number of Master's programmes where methodology and biostatistical data analysis play an important part. We also organize the postgraduate Epidemiology programme within EpidM, as well as continuing education and in-service training modules for professionals who want a more in-depth knowledge of epidemiology