Diabetes Psychology

Welcome to the website of the Diabetes Psychology Research (DPR) group of Diabetes Mentaal of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam. 

DPR is a subsection of the Department of Medical Psychology of the VU University Medical Center, headed by professor Frank Snoek. Our research activities are embedded in the Amsterdam school of Public Health (APH).

 " Our mission is to study the complex interaction between psychosocial factors and diabetes and help patients and professionals achieve optimal health outcomes ".

Our focus is on three research themes:

  1. Understanding the psychosocial impact of diabetes and its complications on patients living with diabetes as well as significant others;
  2. Understanding of psychological barriers to optimal self-management, including beliefs, psychological distress and social factors;
  3. Development, evaluation and implementation of psycho-educational and psychological interventions for people with diabetes and those at high-risk of developing diabetes.

We hope you find the site informative. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments at  m.dewit@vumc.nl (Dr. Maartje de Wit) .