Sequencing and Genotyping facility

The sequencing and genotyping facility is hosted by the section Medical Genomics and offers sequencing and genotyping services to research groups on the VU and VUMC campus. The sequencing and genotyping facility consists of two ascertained laboratories fully equipped for standard molecular genetic techniques. In addition to the standard equipment, the labs are equipped for high-throughput SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and microsatellite genotyping and sequencing. High-throughput sample preparation is performed on a Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling system, a Deerac Fluidics Equator NS101 microdispenser and a Sciclone ALH 3000 liquid handling system. These instruments are used for DNA dilution, normalisation, reaction set-up, and reaction pooling.

DNA amplification is performed using 96 and 384-well PCR plates on MJ and ABI GeneAmp PCR 9700 thermocyclers.

For SNP genotyping the facility has platforms appropriate to high, medium and low throughput projects. For high-throughput project the SNPlex assay is performed on the ABI 3730 capillary instrument. Medium and low throughput projects are run on the ABI TaqMan 7900 Real-Time instrument and the Roche Light Cycler 480.

Sequencing and microsatellite genotyping is performed on the ABI 3730 (48 capillaries).