MGA Facility

The Medical Genomics Sequencing and Genotyping Facility provides sequencing and genotyping for research groups of the CNCR and external investigators on a fee-for-service basis offering state-of-the-art instrumentation and technological support at a reasonable cost.

Sequencing is the process of determining the nucleotide order of a given DNA fragment, the "blueprint" of a living organism. The DNA sequence provides information that can help biologists to understand the genetics of their study system, and evaluate the progress of their genetic research projects. The facility is equipped with an ABI 3730, 48-capillaries sequencer and a Tecan Freedom Evo liquid handling system.

The sequence reaction is performed by the individual researcher (ready-to-run samples) or, on request, by the Sequencing Facility of Medical Genomics. 
Samples are entered into the queue in the order in which they are received. The average turnaround time is one-two working days for 48 or 96 ready-to-run reactions.

Genotyping is an essential tool in studying the genetics of disease and other genetic traits in general allowing identification of candidate gene regions for genetic studies via genome-wide and fine mapping techniques. The platform is involved in two main types of genotyping: Microsatellite and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) using the following technologies in 96 and 384 well format.

For further enquiries about sequencing and/or genotyping at our facility contact Patrizia Rizzu. 
Tel: 0031(0)20 5989961 or by email: