Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Below you find the current trials that focus on the prostate and prostate cancer:

  • Tasquinimod (10TASQ10) study. Ended
  • Rhyme study. Ended
  • Horrad study
  • Lattitude study
  • Keuzehulp voor mannen met recent gestelde diagnose prostaatcarcinoom, RCT

Below you find the current trials that focus on the bladder and bladder cancer:

           IL-2 study

Below you find the current trials that focus on functional urology:

  • Botuline toxine study

Clinical trial in pediatric urology

DeVan trial: Prospective comparative multicenter study between Deflux® and Vantris® for the endoscopic treatment of vesico-ureteral reflux Children eligible for endovesical treatment of vesico-ureteral reflux with a bulking agent are randomized for Deflux® or Vantris® injection. Goal is to compare both commercially available products on effectivity and costs.

Clinical research in pediatric urology

- Prospective evaluation of the attachment of the gubernaculum at orchidopexy in childhood: is the gubernacular attachment different for children undergoing treatment for secondary ascensus compared   to children undergoing (late) orchidopexy for primary non descended testicles? - Retrospective evaluation of children with vesico-ureteral reflux: what is the best model - to predict resolution - to predict break-through infections? - Retrospective evaluation of children with dysfunctional voiding: what is the influence of increase of water intake on bladder capacity? - Retrospective evaluation of children with balanitis xlerotica et obliterans: is treatment effective on the long term and what proportion of cases does not respond to conservative treatment? - How can we calculate the best dose of an intravesically administered 1mg/1ml oxybutynin solution in case of ineffective oral treatment?  - Prospective evaluation of voiding problems in children with Down-syndrome and its treatment. - Retrospective evaluation of the effectivity of alphablockers as add-on in children with dysfunctional voiding and/or overactive bladder. - Retrospective evaluation of the fate of children with unilateral grade 4 hydronephrosis treated conservatively in the era before and after structural antenatal ultrasonography.

Translational research in pediatric urology

- The durability of oxybutynin 1mg/1ml for intravesical instillation is longer than thought by clinical pharmacists. - Scoring of clinical abstracts at an international meeting of pediatric urology: impact of the scoring system on the reliability of scorings of abstracts for presentation.