MV-Treatment machines (9)

  • 1 x ViewRay MRIdian (under installation)
  • 5x Varian TrueBeam, with 120 -leaf MLC, (CB-CT) OBI and FFF-mode, RapidArc-mode and RPM, 6D couche
  • 1x Varian-Brainlab Novalis Tx, with 120 HD-MLC, (CB-CT) OBI and SRS-mode, RapidArc-mode, ExacTrac X-ray and Robotic Couch
  • 1x Varian Clinac 2300 C/D with 120-leaf MLC, (CB-CT) OBI and RapidArc-mode and RPM
  • 1x Varian Trilogy, with 120-leaf MLC, SRS, (CB-CT) OBI, and SRS-mode, RapidArc-mode and RPM


  • 1x GE Medical Systems Lightspeed 16 with RPM and 4D-CT
  • 1x GE Medical Systems Optima 580W, 16 multi-slices, with RPM and 4D-CT