Overview of all research-related items at the Department of Physiology


Prof. Dr. Bianca Brundel: Research new treatment options Atrial Fibrillation

Particia Vlasman, patient and Dutch writer, meets Prof Bianca Brundel, scientist in the field of molecular cardiology of Atrial Fibrillation at the Department of Physiology VUmc Amsterdam. 
Goal is to optimize communication between patients and scientists. Furthermore, they explore whether patients can help to co-create clinical studies with the aim to translate promising research results from bench to bedside.

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Laboratory Guide

All people working in the Department of Physiology are requested to make themselves familiar with the Laboratory Guidebook that can be downloaded from the shared ('M') drive.

Research Techniques and Technicians

Thanks to an original technique developed in Amsterdam (collaboration between the Physiology department of VUmc and Physics department of the VU), it is now possible to monitor the exact behaviour of an isolated heart cell throughout the entire cardiac cycle. This approach paves the way for a whole new class of drug tests and physiological studies.

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