Tumor Genome Analysis Core

The Tumor Genome Analysis Core

The Tumor Genome Analysis Core (TGAC) is housed in the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) as part of the Department of Pathology. Its core responsibility is to sequence, assemble, and analyze the function and structure of cancer genomes. High quality genome data is a prerequisite for personalised cancer medicine. To deliver this high quality data, we develop and provide laboratory and bioinformatics solutions to capture as much molecular information from the tumor as possible using next generation sequencing (NGS). Elimination of technical noise to recognise true genomic alterations is combined with systematic annotation procedures that discriminate molecular characteristics of the tumor from heritable biological variation. Our focus is on NGS solutions for FFPE archival material and liquid biopsies applied to a broad spectrum of cancer types in collaboration with corresponding disease specialists. With these aims and focus, we adhere to the greater goal of the CCA to perform translational cancer research and provide patients with optimal, individualised medical care through precision diagnostics. 
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Head Tumor Genome Analysis Core (TGAC)
Prof. Dr. Bauke Ylstra
Department of Pathology
VU University Medical Center
PO BOX 7057
1007 MB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
email: b.ylstra@vumc.nl
Office: +31.20.44 42495