Neurochemistry Laboratory - (Dept. Clinical Chemistry)


The Neurochemistry Laboratory of the department of Clinical Chemistry does research for biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

This research aims mainly at Multiple Sclerose and Alzheimer Disease. We intensively collaborate with researchers from theAlzheimer Centrum and MS Centrum Amsterdam .

Cutting edges

The Neurochemistry Laboratory has 3 cutting edges:

  1. Develop and validate new biomarkers
  2. Gain knowledge about the relationship between biomarkers and pathogenesis
  3. Development and application of multiparameter methods and ultrasensitive assays

The Neurochemistry Laboratory has extensive skills and experience in multiparameter immunoassays, like Mesoscale Discovery (MSD) en Luminex. Multiparameter assays have the advantage that several analytes can be assayed in a smal sample volume. This saves time and is cost effective and analytes are directly comparable.

Furthermore, MSD assays have a wide measuring range, which is relevant for the assessment of proteins such as inflammatory factors.
We have compared and validated several commercially available assays and for inflammatory markers MSD showed to be the most robust technology.

We can perform these analysis. For analysis of your samples you can contact Harry Twaalfhoven. On the MSD website you can get more information about the type of assays and make a selection. For more information or a quote request contact Harry Twaalfhoven . 

Patients cohorts

  • The department manages a professional Biobank which contains several sorts of patient material. We have stored cerebrospinal fluid, serum, plasma and DNA from a lot of patients.
  • The samples are accompanied by extensive clinical and radiological data.
  • From cross-sectional as well as longitudinal cohorts patient material has been and still is collected for biomarker research purposes.

Internship opportunities

The Neurochemistry laboratory has several possibilities for internships.