Electronic patient record: Collaboration AMC & VUmc

VUmc and AMC are continuously intensifying their collaboration. By combining our strengths, we can provide even better healthcare to our patients. A growing number of activities that are still carried out at both locations will in the future be concentrated at one of the two hospitals. As a result, patients will increasingly be treated at both locations.

It is important for doctors and nursing staff at both hospitals to have the same information about you as their patient. To facilitate this, the two hospitals have acquired a shared Electronic Patient Record System (EPD). This system will be introduced in two stages: on October, 25 2015 for AMC and on March, 13 2016 for VUmc. The merging of the AMC and VUmc patient records is the next important step in our partnership.

Why a shared electronic patient record?
Having all data in a single shared electronic record offers many benefits. Most importantly, it ensures that we always have a complete up-to-date overview of the patient's medical information instead of separate records for each hospital. All information is available at each location at any time. An additional advantage is that you do not need to keep repeating your story to different doctors and nurses.

We need your consent
We need your consent to merge your patient records. Without your consent, we cannot merge your records. The leaflet down below tells you more about the collaboration between AMC and VUmc and explains exactly what your consent entails.