Our strengths

CARE - VUmc is one of the largest hospitals in The Netherlands, with 45.000 admissions and more than 400.000 outpatient consultations per year. '

COLLABORATION - Collaboration has many benefits, both for VUmc and its international partners. We exchange knowledge and students, and in this way we learn a great deal from each other.

DIVERSITY - The VUmc curriculum prepares students for work and life in a globalized environment. VUmc operates at the heart of the society; Amsterdam is a multicultural city with a population comprising 175 notionalities.

ENGLISH COURSES - VUmc offers English-taught courses. Students from abroad have come to the right place for a master's degree in cardiovascular research or oncology research. Students from international partner universities are welcome to participate in our English taught minor elective program. 

INTERNATIONAL - VUmc has a international profile, which is reflected in its extensive international network, the high number of students doing part of their traineeships abroad, its international research master's programs, and the specialized continuation courses offered abroad.

INTERNSHIPS - 26% of students on the bachelor's program in medicine and 50% of students on the master's program in medicine do internships abroad.

MEDICAL EDUCATION - Every year, more than 4.000 students take a degree program in medicine or a course at VUmc.

RESEARCH - More than 100 theses and more than 2.000 scientific publications per year. VUmc ranks among the world's top research institutes.

TOP INSTITUTE - The high quality of research and education at VU University Amsterdam and its Faculty of Medicine can be demonstrated by its excellent performance in international rankings. In the 'Academic Ranking of World Universities' (ARWU) 2015, or the Shanghai Ranking, VU University Amsterdam holds a position 98. Moreover, VU University Amsterdam's ranks 41 world-wide in the disciplines Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy.  

TRAINING - Our programs are taught by staff who themselves work as nurses, nursing auxiliaries or physicians. Teaching ia a skill that valued very highly at VUmc. Our teachers abtain a range of teaching qualifications.

VIRTUAL LEARNING - An extensive range of medicine and nursing programs, combined with a variety of teaching formats (blended learning). 15.000 people worldwide enrol for e-learning modules.