Our people

Margreeth van der Meijde, IET Director
"Lecturers convey knowledge, but our work is much broader than this: we are helping young people to develop. That is a big responsibility. We do this not only through what we say, but also what we do and who we are as individuals. We are role models, not only in the classroom but outside it too. Society badly needs this type of role model."

Wim Polderman, Director of VUmc Amstel Academy and VUmc Academy
"We are developing online lecture series: webinars. I Invite inspirational speakers to talk about clearly-defined subjects. Anyone, from laymen to experienced staff, can follow the webinars free of charge. This is not part of the curriculum, but a way of disseminating knowledge."

Gerda Croiset, Director of VUmc School of Medical Sciences
"We set great store by diversity, as it forms the basis for equipping the doctors of the future with intercultural awareness."

Jochen Bretschneider, ENT physician and lecturer
"VUmc is working towards providing 100% of its teaching in digital form.  All teaching material has been converted to iBooks and is available free of charge via iTunesU. This advance offers global opportunities for digital, interactive teaching."

Mariėtte Diderich, Head Internationalization, IET, VUmc
"In the coming years we will focus all our efforts on internationalization. Healthcare ia a global matter. It is not something that stops at a country's borders. This begins with education. If we work together, enter into collaborative partnerships, exchange students and share knowledge, we can create the healthcare of the future."