Training (and Supervision) Plan

According to article 15 Doctorate Regulations Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam the PhD candidate shall devote at least 30 EC (840 hours) to training.
Please be aware: Without having devoted these 30 EC you will not be admitted to the PhD ceremony, even when the doctorate committee has submitted a positive advice on your dissertation.
Once the supervisor has approved the dissertation, the PhD candidate shall submit a request to the supervisor and counselor of the research institute (see: here) to determine whether all training requirements have been met as agreed in the Training (and Supervision) Plan, which is a part of the registration system of Hora Finita. If so, a certificate will be generated in Hora Finita (article 16).

At the start of the PhD programme, the candidate and the supervisor will agree on a research plan, the PhD curriculum and supervision, among other things. The candidate registers these agreements in Hora Finita and the plan consecutively will be evaluated and needs to be approved by the supervisor, the second (co-)supervisor and the director of the research institute. It is crucial that progress in the candidate's training and education is assessed regularly, or at least every year by the candidate and their supervisor.
Anyone wishing to obtain a PhD at VU University medical center must fill out the required information in Hora Finita, including planned trainings. This also applies to physician-researchers (arts-onderzoekers) and other medical employees who are pursuing their PhD alongside their regular work.

Unfortunately, the portfolio module in Hora Finita, and the underlying approval process, is still not working optimally. We expect to be able to provide more clarity about this soon. Until then, Training Plans must still be approved in the old way by the Research Institutes' Education_Committee VU/VUmc. Please contact the applicable secretary, to check how exactly it works in your institute. 
Complete and signed TPs can be uploaded into the system. Plans for supervision can already be registered separately in Hora Finita.

Please find below the Training Plan format.

If your research is embedded in CCA or AI&II please check this PhD_instruction (only accessible within VIEW) and use the CCA/AI&II format.

When the candidate has been admitted to the PhD trajectory, s/he will have to build a portfolio in Hora Finita, by registering and uploading relevant activities and certificates. 
It is the responsibility of the PhD candidate that the necessary items are completed and registered regularly. The initial training plan may be revised if necessary. 
For more information, visit the website of your Research Institute