Please find information on (the assessment by) the Doctorate Committee in articles 14, 22, 23 and 24 of the Doctorate Regulations Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

As written in art. 14 the Doctorate Committee shall be composed of

  1. At least five members,
  2. Including at least one member and at most two members who are affiliated with the faculty (VU University medical center),
  3. Of whom at most one shall be affiliated with the Supervisor's department.
  4. At least two members of the Doctorate Committee shall be affiliated with a university other than the university that is to confer the degree (including double degrees).
  5. These external members may not have co-authored articles that are included in the PhD candidate's Dissertation.
  6. The members of the Doctorate Committee must hold a doctorate.
  7. At least two committee members are Full Professors and the majority have Ius Promovendi.
  8. The Doctorate Committee shall be chaired by a Full Professor who is affiliated with the University or another staff member of the University who has Ius Promovendi. The Dean appoints one member of the Doctorate Committee to the post of Chair.
  9. The Supervisor and if applicable, the Co-supervisor may not be members of the Doctorate Committee.

More information in Dutch concerning the Doctorate Committee