Registration at VU University medical center HR system
Being a PhD candidate it is important to be registered at VU University medical center HR system. When you have an employee number you are registered. 
This is essential in the context of privacy protection and information security. And it gives access to f.i. the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam University Library.
When finishing your PhD traject, you need an employee number to apply for the so called thesis compensation.
If you don't have an employee number (yet), please contact as soon as possible your contactperson at VU University medical center to start your registration.

Employment contract
PhD candidates usually start out with a one-year contract that is subsequently extended for the remaining duration of the programme. This is also the recommended procedure. After the first nine-month assessment, it can be determined whether or not to extend the contract. PhD candidates are appointed for 36 hours a week for up to four years, but in some cases may also be offered an appointment of 28.8 hours a week for five years. This procedure only applies for PhD candidates with an OIO contract. For employees who are pursuing a PhD besides their regular employment, or external PhD candidates, other contractual procedures apply.

The HRM department also has a special page for PhD candidates (in Dutch and only for VU University medical center employees) with more background information.

Extension of Employment
Candidates with an OIO contract are employed for three or four years, which can be extended in cases of maternity leave, long-term illness, family circumstances and serious problems connected with supervision. Requests for extensions should be well-substantiated and made in writing to the director of the research school. In Dutch, the extension of employment form is called the "formulier verlengen arbeidsovereenkomst". More background information and the form itself can be found on the HRM intranet website  (in Dutch only).

Scientific integrity
In the interests of scientific integrity, the Board of VU University medical center has appointed a Confidential Counsellor for Academic Integrity Issues. The current confidential counsellor is Prof. J.J. Heimans.

This confidential counsellor can be consulted in cases that you cannot or do not wish to discuss directly with your supervisor or colleagues and is the first point for contact concerning known or suspected violations of or dilemmas connected with academic integrity in education, research and community service within the university. In principle, all conversations with the Counsellor for Academic Integrity Issues are confidential.

If you experience harassment from a VU University medical center colleague, you can receive counselling. Counsellors are always independent and all conversations with counsellors are confidential. More information can be found here (in Dutch).

Martin Kersloot serves as the designated employee ombudsman within the HRM Department. He can be contacted in the event of problems connected with the employment contract or other employment-related issues.

More information
For more information about HRM related matters for VU University medical center employees please visit P&O direct