As PhD defence reimbursement
All PhD candidates that have provided the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam University Library with a free licence for non-exclusive publication of the dissertation in electronic form, if necessary with a temporary publication embargo, are entitled to a PhD defence reimbursement of € 500,-.

The PhD defence reimbursement is being paid out by the PhD candidate's own Faculty or Department. The signed license certification is a compulsory attachment when applying for this reimbursement.

License Certificate
To apply for the reimbursement, you print and sign the license certification for your PhD manuscript and send it to the University Library. The University Library will check and sign the license agreement on behalf of the Executive Board and send you a scan of the signed document. Please attach this document when you apply for the PhD defence reimbursement. You need the date of your PhD defence as well.

How to apply for a PhD graduation reimbursement:
The first step is to upload your dissertation in VU-DARE (VU-repository). Please find the step-by-step plan for uploading your dissertation here

The second step:

- for employees at VU University medical center: selfservicepo and choose as follows (only in Dutch):

  1. Raadplegen / indienen declaratie
  2. Algemene declaratie
  3. 'Dissertatievergoeding'.

If you encounter any issues, please send a message to P&O servicedesk (

- for non-employees at VU University medical center: please send a message to P&O servicedesk (

Financial compensation

According to the current medical employment regulations (CAO), the employer grants the PhD candidate who successfully finishes his or her PhD training during his or her employment with a one time bonus. The bonus amounts to € 750,- gross. This bonus will not be credited against other local schemes for PhD candidates. The employer may choose to pay the amount of the bonus in the form of a net expense allowance. NOTE that this arrangement only applies to PhD candidates employed at VU University medical center as OIO 'onderzoeker in opleiding' . There are no conditions where the bonus should be spent on. The bonus will be granted only after the PhD ceremony is completed.