We collaborate with researchers from: 

Medical Humanities, VUmc
Mr. Prof. G. Widdershoven , PhD, philosopher, professor of ethics of healthcare
Ms. P. Verdonk, PhD, psychologist
Ms. S. Metselaar, MSc, PhD-student, philosopher/ethicist

Midwifery Science, VUmc
Ms. A. de Jonge , PhD, midwife researcher
Ms. T. Kruit, research assistant

Public and Occupational Health, VUmc
Ms. Prof. D.R.M. Timmermans , PhD, psychologist, professor of risk communication and patient decision making
Ms. L. Claassen, PhD, psychologist
Ms. O. Damman, PhD senior researcher
Ms. D. van den IJssel, MSc, PhD student

Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Ms. P. Lakeman , MD, PhD, clinical geneticist 
Ms. M.C. van Maarle, MD, PhD, clinical geneticist 
Ms. Prof. E. Pajkrt, MD, PhD, Gynaecologist
Ms. I.B. Matthijssen, MD, clinical geneticist

Leiden University Medical Center

Mr. Prof. M. Breuning, PhD, clinical geneticist 
Mr. M. Losekoot, PhD, molecular geneticist
also within the framework of Genomics (Centre of Excellence: Centre for Medical Systems Biology, www.cmsb.nl) 

University of Maastricht 
Mr. Prof G.M.W.R. de Wert, PhD, professor of Biomedical Ethics
Mr. W.J. Dondorp, PhD, medical ethicist
Mr. C.M.W. Douglas , PhD, Technology and Society Studies 
Department Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

Radboud University Nijmegen
Mr. Prof H. Zwart, CSG Network for Society and the Life Sciences

Catholic University Leuven, Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law, Belgium
Mr. Prof P.M. Borry , PhD, ethicist 

University Hospital Lund, Sweden
Mr. Prof. U. Kristofferson, MD, PhD, clinical geneticist 

University of Nottingham, UK
Mr. N. Qureshi, PhD, Division of Primary Care

We also have contacts with the:

Dutch Alliance of Parent and Patient Organisations (VSOP) 
Mr. C. Oosterwijk. PhD
Ms. E. van Vliet-Lachotzki

Mr. K. Dolsma, director 

Journal for Midwives (TvV, KNOV) 
Ms. S.M.P.J. Jans , PhD, midwife, (scientific) editor of the Journal for Midwives (TvV, KNOV) 

Mediclara B.V., Abcoude
Mr. D.J. de Smit, PhD, health care researcher, epidemiologist.  

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Department for public health effects
Ms. Susan Janssen, PhD
Ms. Wendy. Rodenburg, PhD