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VUmc Research Institutes

All research within VUmc has to be embedded in one of the five VUmc research institutes. The VUmc research institutes are listed below, including links to their web pages. On these pages you can find more information about the institutes, the research and the researchers.

EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research
Mission: To generate, conduct and publish excellent research of international standing to improve public and occupational health, mental health care, primary care rehabilitation care and long-term care.
Website - Annual Report

CCA - VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam
Mission: To prevent and cure cancer and immunological diseases, and to increase the survival rate.
Website - Annual Report

Amsterdam Neuroscience
Mission: To study the brain and its disease mechanisms through an integrative approach running from molecule to bedside.
Website - Annual Report

ICaR-VU - Institute for Cardiovascular Research
Mission: To search for scientific solutions to cardiovascular disease.
Website - Annual Report

MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam
Mission: To conduct excellent scientific research on human movement and the locomotor apparatus in both healthy individuals andpatients, with the long-term aim ofimproving and/or maintaining the mobility function and, accordingly, quality of life.
Website - Annual Report

The VUmc research institutes report annually about their research activities and research output. You can find their annual reports by using the links provided above. In order to assess the research that is conducted at the VUmc institutes they use the VSNU standard evaluation protocol. This protocol can be found at the VSNU website


Together with their AMC colleagues, the VUmc research institutes collaborate in eight research institutes: