Betrokken en zorgvuldig - Kennis maakt ons beter


Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)
IXA former TTO supports researchers in negotiations about contract research and research collaborations with industrial partners. If you believe you have made a marketable discovery, the professionals from IXA will evaluate whether indeed there is such potential. IXA also decides whether scientific research results can and should be patented. See the IXA website  for details.

Legal support
Medical affairs: contact Zorgsupport (Instituut ondersteuning patientenzorg).
Complaints of participants and or patients: contact Zorgsupport or read more at the CRB website.

Medical ethical issues
Contact the Medical ethical committee  , they hold a regular question hour for this purpose.

Grants desk
Contact the Grants Desk for expert assistance with grant applications.

Statistical support
For advice on the statistical aspects of your study design, contact the biostatisticians.

Clinical Research Bureau
For an assessment of the quality of your study (WMO studies only), contact the Clinical Research Bureau

Data management
For advice and support on the design, development and management of databases for research, online surveys, reorganization of files, systems for monitoring and controlling data flows, performing database queries, data cleaning, etc. contact the Knowledge centre cohort studies

Pontes Medical
Pontes Medical guides you through the development of your clinical need, invention or research outcomes into a proven, globally available, innovative medical device. Contact Pontes Medical

Prototypes and research equipment development
Do you need a physical instrument or specific research equipment that is commercially unavailable or needs to be modified? The Development Department at Physics & Medical Technology (FMT) can offer support with designing, developing, and constructing new physical instruments. We give input on available technology, technological options and technical planning. Involvement of the Development Department at an early stage ensures optimal research results. Click here for details.